Cleanroom Aluminum Frame HEPA FILTER

Frame:aluminum Sealant:Polyurethane AB glue
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Cleanroom Aluminum Frame HEPA FILTER


It is widely used in the installation of high-demand clean rooms, large-area vertical laminar flow, 100-level laminar flow hood and HEPA high-efficiency filter.


1.Good sealing performance.

2.Easy to install

3.High efficiency,low resistance.


Frame: Aluminum

Sealant: Polyurethane AB glue

Separator: Hot melt

Gasket: Ethyl acetate

Filter material: Glass fiber paper

Temperature and Humidity: 80℃,80%

The difference between deep-pleat hepa filter and mini-pleat hepa filter

1.The material of mini-pleat separator is hot melt glue, but aluminum foil or paper is used for partition for deep-pleat.

2.The suitable environment is different: the factory building with high cleanliness requirement will choose mini-pleat filter without partition plate with small weight, convenient installation and stable efficiency, but not the deep-pleat filter with partition plate which has great influence on cold heat and dry wet.

3.service life is different: the channel with partition filter(deep-pleat) is rectangular, while the channel without partition filter(mini-pleat) is v shape, and the dust tolerance uniformity of v channel is better than that of rectangle, so the service life is also longer.

4. the degree of environmental protection is different: the material of high efficiency filter(mini-pleat) without partition can avoid the use of metal devices, so when the filter is abandoned, it is easy to deal with and conducive to environmental protection.

5. the high temperature resistance is different: the high temperature resistance with partition(deep-pleat) high efficiency filter is better than that without partition(mini-pleat) high efficiency filter.


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