Commercial, retail and office buildings

The need for good filtration is becoming more and more obvious to most people around the world. All human beings basically perform better with clean air and a healthy indoor climate.

Research proves that high-efficiency filters effectively reduce the problems that small particles can cause for sensitive people.

When outdoor air enters the ventilation system, pollution in the form of smoke, dust and pollen will deposit on fans, batteries and ducts. If the air filters do not perform as they should, the air flow in the system will be reduced significantly and the balance between supply and exhaust air will be distorted.

With efficient filters from SAF, the balance is maintained and odours and particles are kept under control. The system can always perform at its best and will stay forever young.

SAF supplies a full range of air filters for air handling units and ventilation systems to provide clean air for high indoor air quality (IAQ) and a healthy and more productive working environment. SAF has products for both air and gas filtration in commercial building and airports, among other facilities.

SAF filters are also the most energy-efficient on the market, helping owners to green their buildings by cutting the power consumption of their air handling systems and reducing their carbon footprint.