Air Purifier

Poor air quality affects both the health of the personnel and their performance. Bacteria, dust, viruses and harmful particles in the air may cause itchy eyes headaches and a blocked nose. Furthermore, it can also give rise to asthma and irritation of the respiratory tract.

The SAF range of air cleaners (XN-Cleaners) purify the air and effectively combat these problems. This contributes to improved work performance, reduced absence due to illness, and air that feels easy to breathe.

XN-Cleaner is a range of patented air cleaners with the most efficient HEPA filters on the market. They are designed to work as a supplement to existing ventilation system and deliver reduced energy costs, more efficient production and a healthier work environment with less dust and fewer harmful particles.

Throughout this site, you can find out how SAF air cleaners can make the air feel easier to breathe and why you save money when you take care of your smallest problems, before they become big ones.

Imagine if your office air was as clean as the air many thousands of years ago. Free of today’s bacteria, viruses and harmful particles. Luckily, you can do more than just imagine this.

With SAF’s CITY range air purifiers – especially designed for offices, schools, hospitals, public buildings etc – you can experience that good old clean air in no time.