About Us

Shenzhen Xiangnan High-Tech Purification Equipment Co.,LTD 

Established in the year of 2002 and having  almost 18 years of experiences in developing and manufacturing sustainable clean air solutions, and also has an excellent team of professional engineers in researching ,designing, constructing clean room equipments and HVAC projects, and  the products include: Air filter,Air clean equipments,HEPA air filters,FFU,Air shower, laboratory furniture. entitled to“Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise Certification " NO.SZ2016419Through ISO9001  Environmental Quality Management certification, SGS Environmental Certification, claimed intellectual property rights, 3 national patents.

■Research and Manufacturing : Coarse filters called Pre-filter, Medium efficiency filter, EPA, HEPA,ULPA filter ,High temperature filter 250C -400C  , 100% High humidity-proof  air filter,  Pocket Filter, V-Bank filter and  Dust collector filter; Housings & Frames: Air Showers ,Passing Box, FFU-fan filter unit

■Lab Equipments:  Clean bench, Laminar Flow Cabinet, Negative pressure weighing room, Fume hoods.

■Molecular Products: Carbon air filter,Deodorantor, Composite layer of filtering materials, High-temp resistant composite filtration media/ Composite bioactive medium/De-formaldehyde HEPA filter, Antiviral HEPA filter, Washable HEPA filter, De-ozone HEPA filter Air Purifiers and  different kinds of air clean equipments that related to clean rooms

Variety of products can meet the demand of clients from all over the world. All production processing that is strictly performed by the standard of Inspection & Quarantine and  Standardization Administration 

Through 18 years of focusing on air purification equipments , Shenzhen Xiangnan High-temp has been the leading supplier of  the big companies such as Foxconn,  LG , BYD , Oppo, Huawei etc for supplying the air clean systems. our Dr. engineers has almost 25 years of experience in the field of air filter so we have the ability to manufacture high quality air filters and clean room enquipments on the international markets, aways satisfying various of any designing demands from the clients 

Xiangnan High-tech is increasingly facing the pressures from global trading competition ,and must offer the high quality products with excellent the after-sales services for all our clients from domestic and overseas .for this Xiangnan High-tech has  the quality production equipments that imported from Germany and Switzerland , and also HEPA Paper Auto Pleating Machines, CNC Punching Machines, Programable NC Bending Machines, ,Optical Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, UV Foam Sealing Machine, Auto glue dispenser  and Testing Leaking Detection Equipments

Xiangnan High-tech currently has the  departments of R&D ,  Production , Sales ,Packaging , After-sale Service that  could make sure to provide the clients an one-stop reliable factory for the clean room .

After years of dedicating in this field of air clean , Xiangnan High-tech has won the trust and recognition  of the customers from all ove the world.

Professional casting our brand and Integrity established in the world!