Single Flange HEPA Filter Clean Room

Frame : ABS Sealant : Polyurethane AB adhesive Separator : Hot melt Gasket : Ethyl acetate (EVA) Filter material : Glass fiber paper Temperature and Humidity : 80%, 80 degree Size : It can be customized.
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Single Flange HEPA Filter Clean Room

What are the advantages of single flange plastic frame filters?

1. Single flange HEPA Filter can complete efficient filtration work. From the point of view of the equipment itself, the connection mode with strong pressure bearing capacity and the shell of good quality make the pressure bearing capacity of single flange HEPA Filter very excellent, can complete the filtration work efficiently in a short time, and the filtration result meets the basic needs of the enterprise.

2. Single flange HEPA Filter can filter accurately. At present, the filter accuracy of Single flange HEPA Filter in the market is very much, the performance is relatively flexible, and the common specifications have Single flange HEPA Filter which can meet the needs of different enterprises in the production process, different filtration accuracy requirements for filter substances.

3. Longer service life. At present, the filter elements in Single flange HEPA Filter in the market are very stubborn, the wear rate is low, the corrosion resistance is strong, the scaling condition is less, the filter and backwash work can be carried out for a long time, and the proper maintenance can make the parts service life longer and save the maintenance and replacement cost.

4. Maintenance replacement frequency is low. Because of the excellent quality of Single flange HEPA Filter itself, simple overhaul and cleaning after long time use can continue to be put into use, so it can save more time and money cost of maintenance and repair, so that enterprises can have more time and money to invest in the production process.

Frame: ABS

Sealant: Polyurethane AB adhesive

Separator: Hot melt

Gasket: Ethyl acetate (EVA)

Filter material: Glass fiber paper

Temperature and Humidity: 80℃,80%

Size: It can be customized.


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