Aluminum Frame Nanofiber HEPA Filter

Frame : Aluminum alloy Sealant : Polyurethane AB adhesive Separator : Hot melt Gasket : EVA Size : 305*305*69 mm Filter material : Glass fiber Temperature and Humidity : 80 degree and 80% Origin : Guangdong ,China Efficiency : H14 Performance features
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Product Details

Aluminum Frame Nanofiber HEPA Filter

Performance Features 

◆Filtration efficiency of ≥0.3μm particles is over 99.97%.

◆Computer-controlled automatic folding machine system for spray folding, folding height range between 22~96mm stepless adjustment.

◆Special glass fiber filter paper as filter material.

◆Each filter tested.

◆International standard size specifications.

Frame: Aluminum alloy

Sealant: Polyurethane AB adhesive

Separator: Hot melt

Gasket: EVA

Size: 305*305*69 mm

Filter material: Glass fiber

Temperature and Humidity: 80℃ and 80%

Origin: Guangdong, China

Efficiency: H14

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