H10-U15 Mini Pleat Hepa Air Filter For Clean Room

XN-Meg,is the most efficient and energy,saving HEPA/ULPA filter panel panel for turbulent and laninar airflow application.
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H10-U15 Mini Pleat Hepa Air Filter For Clean Room

XN-Meg speciaficallly designed for clean rooms and LAF benches. These filter are used in hospitals , pharmaceutical, nuclear, electro-mechanical, military, and many other industries requiring a strict controlled environment. Megalam are available from H13 to U17 ratings with MPPS 99.99995%. XN-Meg are constructed by pleating to form a media pleat symmetry by "controlled by pleating to form a media pleat symmetry by "Controlled Media Spacing (CMS)" for optimal airflow and best media performance. This is ensures with intermediate hotmelt separators to ensure uniform pleat spacing and to form a rigid self-supported media pack is per manently sealed to the filter frame of the module with a solid polyurethane sealant. The frame is made form heavy-duty, light wight anodized alunimum with corners clips for module durability and long-term integrity. There are few filter gasket option that include endless polyurethane, poron, neoprene, EDPM, PU seal and silicone seal. 

Every filter is tested and certified as required by regulatories and cGMPs. Every filters is individually scan-tested for air flow, resistance and efficiency acc. EN1822: 2009 and serialized on the product lable. Standard sizes: 304x610 mm and 610x610 mm

Standard depths: 66mm, 90mm and 110mm

Frame materails: aluninium or metal 

Gasket: PU half-round or GEL


  • Compliant to VDI 6022

  • Microbial inert component acc. to ISO 846

  • Tested for Food contact acc. to EC 1935: 2004

  • Free of bisphenol-A, phthalate and formadenyde

  • Chemically resistant to inactivation and claning agents 

  • 2x lower initial pressure drop

  • 5x more robust media than glass fiber

  • Tess aerosol tolerant membran

  • Developed for safe use in microelectronic cleanrooms and equipment

  • Ideal for nanoparticle filtration(100 nm)

  • High dust holding capacity

  • 100% filter scan test for guaranteed performance

  • Filter scanned according to EN1822, IEST or other required standards

  • Individual efficiency test reports

  • Zero leak guarantee

  • No organic outgassing from test earosol

  • Low out gassing adhesives and gasket (no organic flame retardant)

  • Manufactured and packed in cleanroom environment

  • Energy savings through use of synthetic PTEF membrane technology

  • Compact solution

  • Dopant free components


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