Plastic Mini-pleated HEPA Filter

Plastic mini-pleated HEPA Filter mainly used to filter particles below 0.3um. Terms&conditions: Shipping ways:By customer Eco terms:EXW Lead time:within 10 working days after receive the payment Payment:Full pay before shipping
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hepa filterTerms&conditions:

  1. Shipping ways: By customer

  2. Eco terms: EXW

  3. Lead time: Within 10 working days after receive the payment

  4. Payment: Full pay before shipping

company advantage:

Xiangnan High-Tech Co.,Ltd currently has a production plant 5,000 square meters, two most advanced thermosol bead HEPA filter production line(HEPA filter wide within 1200mm) and two deep-pleated HEPA filter processing line,three automatic glue injection production equipment. PU foaming machine for seamless gasket, one optical fiber laser cutting machine,one CNC press, several CNC bending machines, dozens of other auxiliary production equipment and imported HEPA air filter rapid lead detection equipment.

Plastic mini-pleated HEPA filter mainly used to filter particles below 0.3um. Application of plastic mini-pleated HEPA filter: Semiconductor manufacturing, chip, electronics, nuclear power station, national defense facilities, laboratories, laminar flow equipment, medicine and health care, food processing.

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Frame:plastic Sealant:Polyurethane AB adhesive Separator:Hot melt Gasket:EVA Filter material:Glass fiber papaer Temperature and Humidity:80 degree & 80%


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