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V-bank filter some call it V style filter or W style filter,and W shape filter... it's very light and robust, we make it for more than ten years,All products quality guaranteee 2 years,our Client manager system keep 24 hours on line
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V-bank air filter also called Compact filters, W type filters ,because can carry super large volume air flow, blast capacity extremely strong! But it needs less space(depth)in air handing systems than bag filters, add with very low energy consumption, light and robust,  it usually be used for electricity power stations, chicken farms,purification workshop,hospital operate rooom, air conditioning and ventilation system those strong air flow places. but the price is slightly higher than bag styles.


1. Air conditioning applications and preparatory filtration in clean rooms ,

2.Replacement of gravimetric filters, Air Handling Units, Industrial processes and individual modules (reducing plant energy and IAQ improvement)

3.Suitable for demanding operating conditions like heavy polluted rural or industrial areas
Frame: ABS /Plastic moulded
Media: Glass fiber
Separator: Hot Melt Separator Technology
Sealant: Polyurethane
Dimensions: Filter front dimensions according EN 15805
Maximum airflow: 1,25 x nominal flow
Temperature max: 80ºC
RH. max: 100%
Mounting frames: Front and side access housings and frames are available
Gasket: Polyurethane, endless foamed
Rec. final pressure drop: 450 Pa

We have big quantity of ABS /Plastic moulded frames in stock, and factory has auto glass fiber making and paper pleating machines to ensure the quality and short  deadline,  just few days order ould completed and shiped out .




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