HEPA V Bank Box Filter For Air Handling Unit AHU

Frame: Zind coated steel Galvanized steel Stainless steel Media: Wet laid microfine glass paper Separator: Hot - melt beads Sealant: Polyurethane Gasket: Continuous foamed seal/Neoprene Face Type: Box or single flange Max.constant Temprature: 80 ℃( 170℉) Recommended Final Resistance:600Pa...
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 Typical application:
HN-WV series Filters are made with a series of mini-pleat bead separator media packs assembled in a V-bank configuration 24"x 24"x 11-1/2.size filter contain 300 square feet of media.

XN-WV filter is designed to operate at 500 FPM with initial resistance of 1.2" W.G.(99.99%)

Efficiency). This allow the HEPA filter to be installed in line with other filters in the air handling system without the need for costly transitions.

Due to their 4250/h capacity, XN-WV filter is ideal for new installations since fewer filters are required to handle the same volume of air conpared to HEPA filter of the same size with a lower capacity. As a result, less installation space is required and installation time is significantly reduced.  

Parammeters & Material:
  • ●Frame: Zind coated steel

  • ●Galvanized steel

  • ●Stainless steel

  • ●Media: Wet laid microfine glass paper

  • ●Separator: Hot - melt beads

  • ●Sealant: Polyurethane

  • ●Gasket: Continuous foamed seal/Neoprene

  • ●Face Type: Box or single flange

  • ●Max.constant Temprature: 80℃(170℉)

  • ●Recommended Final Resistance:600Pa (2.4" W.G)

  • ●Flammability: UL Classified

  • ●Relative Humidity: 100%


◇ High air flow rates, up to 2500CFM(4250m3 /hr)

◇ Mainteneace-free and easy to install.

◇ High dust holding capacity

◇ Efficiency ranges from 95 up to 99.995@0.3microns

◇ High filter surface area offers low pressure drop for energy saving and long life.

◇ Each filter includes a lable noting tested efficiency, pressure drop, rated airflow;

◇ Constructed with ten individural mini pleat packes secured in a specially-designed sheet alunimum V-bank frame.

◇ Available in a range of cleaning efficiencies 99.99% and 99.995@ DOP.



2 V :

4 V

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