Air Filter With Wood Frame

Air Filter With Wood Frame

Deep-pleated Hepa filter is mainly uesd for filtering particles under 0.5um。
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Product Details

Frame: Wood

Sealant:Polyurethane AB adhesive

Separator:Plywood paper

Gasket :Ethyl acetate (EVA) with both sides

Filter material:Glass fiber paper

Temperature and Humidity:80 degree & 80%

Size:1260*630*220mm,the size could be customized.

Air filter (Air Filter) refers to air filter device, which is generally used in clean workshop, laboratory and clean room, or used in electronic and mechanical communication equipment. There are four types of primary filter, medium effect filter, and sub-efficient and HEPA filter. Various models have different standards and performance.

HEPA air filter product classification: separator HEPA filter,Mini-pleat HEPA filter, a V-BED high-efficiency filter screen and a high temperature resistance HEPA filter.微信图片_20191129104332

Air filter with wood frame is beautiful and generous .We will give you the competitive prices for it.

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Size :1260*630*220mm,


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