Single Flange HEPA Filter

Single Flange HEPA Filter

Single Flange HEPA filter:Many critical applications in health care, science and high technology manufacturing require the standards of air filtration. HEPA filters are manufactures to the most exacting standards for such applications that include:cleanrooms, hospital operating theaters,biological containment laboratories, laminar flow clean benches and safety cabinets, food processing plants,research laboratories.
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Product Details

Single Flange air filters are widely used in operating room, semiconductor workshop,photoelecrtric workshop,phamaceutical workshop, circuit board workshop, machinery workshop precision electronic shop,beverage workshop, LCD workshop,precision chemeical shop food procesing industry etc.

Factory equips for stainless steel HEPA filter

chemical cabinet.jpg

Flange Filter Frame CNC Punchinbg

Cost-effective, high speed and high accuracy to meet customized frame work and complete A.S.A.P. most air filtration equipments: fume hood, bio-safety cabinet,and clean room products: air shower, laminar flow cabinet,clean bench,biosafety cabinet...


Air Filter Frame CNC Cuting

Using Advanced high inteligent auto machine,better control flange filter frame work precision ability and it's stable operation make all SAF air purification equipments high air tight.Also meet the requirement of cutting SS plate, aluminum alloy and other materials.

CNC bending.jpg

Purification Equip CNC Bending

Flange air filter and barrier air filter and ahu(air handing unit)and laboratory furniture could achive pecision bending by this machine.X axis and Y axis realize accurate positioning make producing high quality works satisfy our coustomers



Box filter
Filtration grade Hepa filter
Medium material American HV glass fiber/ PP fiber
Porosity 0.3um
Temperature resistance Hepa filter 350℃
Frame SS304 Stainless steel
Separator Aluminum foil separator
Flange Single side
Sealant High temperature resistant sealant from import
Our promise

◆ Laser to scan each air filter one by one Hepa filter.

◆ SAF series HEPA filter efficiency range:H10,H11,H14 95%-99.99995(EN1822).

◆ Each air filter accompanies a test report.

Nominal dimensions

Nominal SizeW*H*D(inch)

Actual Size









High temperature air filter.jpg
XN-F11 19x19x8_2/3 484x484x220 1000 ≤220 ≥99.99%
XN-F12 24x24x5_7/8 610x610x150 1000
XN-F13 36x24x5_7/8 915x610x150 1500
XN-F14 24x24x11_3/5 610x610x290 1900

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