Aluminum Frame Folding Type Primary Filter

High dust-holding capacity; Strong structure & excellent performance with low pressure; Easy for installation & disposal.
Suitable as pre-filter used to protect high-performance filters & filtration of fresh air in clean room ventiltation system.
Produced to customer's specicificatoin.
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Product Details

Aluminum Frame Folding Type Primary Filter

Frame: Aluminum alloy

Filter material: Pre-filter media

Sealant: Polyurethane AB adhesive

Temperature and humidity: 80℃, 80%

Size: Can be customized

Pleated air filter

pleated air filter (2)

pleated air filter (4)

Product Features:

1. The first effect filter (folding type) is cheap, light weight, good versatility, and reduces running cost.

2. First effect filter (foldable) outer frame using aluminum alloy, non-woven chemical fiber cloth, folding forming.

3. With metal mesh.

4. Compact structure, often used for first stage filtration of ventilation systems .

5. Also suitable for air conditioning and ventilation systems that require only one stage filtration.

6. Aluminum frame primary filter: As a primary filter, it is a good inheritance of the device structure compact features, often used in ventilation system first-stage filtration.

Place of application:

1. Initial filtration: Commercial and industrial ventilation and air conditioning systems.

2. Cleaning and filtering: General indoor ventilation systems.

3. First filtration: Domestic air conditioning equipment.


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