Disposable Filter Pleated Filter

Disposable Filter Pleated filter Frame : cardboard Model : SAF -59559546 Size : 595*595*46mm Efficiency : G3 Air flow rate : 3200m 3 /h Package : Carton box with plywood outside
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Disposable Filter Pleated filter

Frame: Cardboard

Model: SAF-59559546

Size: 595*595*46mm

Efficiency: G3

Air flow rate: 3200m3/h

Package: Carton box with plywood outside

The frame of disposable filter pleated filter is generally divided into general hard cardboard frame and high-strength die-cutting cardboard, the filter element is pleated filter material lined with single-sided wire mesh. Beautiful appearance. The structure is strong and durable. General cardboard frame for the manufacture of non-standard filter, can be used for any specification filter production, high strength, not easy to deform. High-strength die-cutting cardboard for the manufacture of standard specifications of the filter, characterized by high precision specifications, low aesthetic cost.

Filtration material is folded into high-strength die-cutting cardboard, upwind area increased. The dust particles in the flowing air are effectively blocked between the folds and folds by the filter material. Clean air flows out evenly from the other side, so the air flow through the filter is gentle and uniform. depending on the filter material, it blocks the particle size from 0.5μm to 5μm and the filtration efficiency is different.

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