G3/G4 Pre Air Filter

Frame:Aluminum alloy Thickness:21mm Filter Media :Polycotton Transport Package:Box Origin:Shenzhen,China
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G3/G4 Pre Air Filter


1. According to the cleanliness of the environment, the filters are replaced regularly (usually for 1 to 6 months).

2.Regularly (normally every two months) dust particle counters are used to determine the cleanliness of the clean area of the product. When the measured cleanliness is not in accordance with the required cleanliness, it is necessary to identify the cause (leakage, failure of high efficiency, etc.) and replace the new high efficiency filter if the filter has failed.

3. Stop when replacing the primary filter. 

Baisc Info

Frame: Aluminum alloy

Thickness: 21mm

Filter Media: Polycotton

Transport Package: Box

Origin: Shenzhen: China

G3/G4 Pre Air Filter(Foldaway coarse filter mesh)

(1) Low weight, economic cost

(2) Disposable products, environmentally

(3) Low resistance, large filter area, high air flow

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