Why PU Gasket Air Filter Geting More Important

- Apr 11, 2018-

PU forming machine dedicated to the casting of sealing for car air filter, industrial filter, air purifier: High precision metering, move as per preset track, accurate positioning, which can meet the production need of round ,rectangle shape of HEPA filter.

PU Foam Gasket HEPA Filter Pleated Air Filter

HEPA air filters Special seamless sealing technology, good elasticity, no deformation, no shedding, will not escape when installation PU polyurethene foam gasket air filter strongly sealing, leakproof!


Applications of PU Foam Gasket HEPA Filter 

· Electronic, Phamaceutical, Food, Motor industry

· Air purifier, Airport, commercial and office building

· Automobile paint spray,dust collectors, food & beverage

Foam sealing equipment is used more and more in sealing fields like constroling bio-safe cabinets lighting, motor vehicle air filter, machining air filter industry,etc

It can make leak proof air filter, oil proof air filters,damping proof air filters,and noise proof air screen,etc.

Mix two kinds of raw material togeter and pour to pre-set position, groove, mould,or the flat surface of air-filter, through chemical reaction, the liquid raw materials form elastic sealing strip in seconds. There is no jiont or cut poin of air filter gasket. the sealing strip tightly, no filter gluing worker is needed, huge cost is saved from labor and time. 


Air filter unit leal proof. oil proof, HVAC air filter water proof, high temp filter damping proof. noise proof, and sealing , etc.It is in accordance with certifications like UL/CE, MIL-STD-167,EN50298, and so on

	Aluminum Frame PU Foam Gasket H12


PU HEPA Advantages

●High efficiency 99.995% on 0.3 microns

●Light weight and easy to install, High holding capacity

●Aluminum alloy frame, anodized surface, air inlet and outlet with spray-paint metal protection net

●Special seamless sealing technology, good elasticity, no deformation, no shedding, will not escape when installation

●PU polyurethene foam gasket, strongly sealing, leakproof

●Anti aging technoloby of gasket, large flow capacity, low pressure, long worklife

 Hot-melt HEPA filter with PU gasket