V-Cell filters Applications

V-Cell filters Applications

Fiber Glass Media V Bank Air Filter 1,General Pictures: 2, Frame Material: ABS Plastic, Aluminum Plate, Stainless Steel, Wooden, and Cardboard are available. 3, Media Material: PP Synthetic Fiber or Glass Fiber.
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Applications That Use V-Cell
V-Cell filters are designed for commercial and industrial environments to replace conventional bags and rigid filters.

V-Cell Efficiency 40%-90%,MERV8- MERV 15 For filtration in engineering facilities of all kind Low pressure drop, high dust holding capacity.

 Offices, hospitals, computer centers, banks

 Pharmaceutics, fine-mechanical and food industry

● Prefiltration for HEPA filters

● For high air flow rates and long durability

● All frame componets are made form platic, fully incinerable 

Advantage of V type air filter
Air Filters, 2V-4V -Cell with Single Header Filters are durable, Plastic frame makes the2V- 4V-Cell of choice in filtration systems with high velocities, variable air volumes, high moisture. The light weight Plastic frame installs easily into side-access housings or front-load holding frames and an ideal choice to replace bag filters and other box-style rigid filters.

Model: Dimention: Rate air flow
initial resistance Efficiency Filter media materials
XN-TRU2 287*287*292 800 ≤125 F8-H12 Glass fiber or Polyester fibers
XN-TRU3 490*287*292 1200 ≤125 F8-H12
XN-TRU4 490*490*292 2000 ≤125 F8-H12
XN-TRU5 592*490*292 2700 ≤125 F8-H12
XN-TRU6 592*287*292 1600 ≤125 F8-H12
XN-TRU7 592*592*292 3200 ≤125 F8-H12


Single header frame is constructed from Plastic and secured to frame with specialized media sealant ensuring the elimination of air bypass

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