Detachable DOP Terminal HEPA Filter Box

HEPA Filter BOX module divided into disposable HEPA filter Terminal BOX,and Replaceable HEPA filter box. Disposable product. it's the o
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HEPA Filter BOX module divided into two types:Disposable HEPA filter Terminal BOX,and Replaceable HEPA filter box. 

◇ Disposable ceiling HEPA filters module just as its name; It's a disposable product. It's the most traditional used.Usually made of galvanized sheet or alumiunm alloy frame.(whether it need adhere insulation materials should be according to individual requirements).Disposable HEPA filter with hood connect to the main duct through the insulated hose. Whole system is easy to management and operating but can't adjust the air flow rate. Diposable HEPA filter with hood is generally used in printing, photoelectric, film cutting,etc.,and it is not very strict to cleran air demand.

◆ Detachable air filter ceiling box means the HEPA filter is independent from outlet box, entire HEPA filter box have two separations between the high efficiency filter and the air supply box or the box can separate to the diffuser and through the clasp join together, it is both environmentallly friendly and economical, because it can replace the air filter inside so can be used many times. Detachable air filter ceiling box with regulating valve so the air flow balance adjustment is very convenint, so it most applied for phamaceutical, food hygiene, hospital, laboratory and so on depend on air clean environment with very strict on air flow volume.


◇ But between the main air flow duct and the HEPA filter box isthe branch duct. this duct is a long distance and very narrow for people or machines to through!so when we goe to fix it or replace the HEPA filter inside very waste time and energy.What's moree, it will cause serious secondary  environmental pollution to the dust-free workshop environment. Lead to the normal production of clean room can't carry on!

◆ Face this difficulty we recomend to use detachable air fiffuser HEPA air filter module.We could open the air diffuser to replace the filter then snap joint with the box.By this design we could replace HEPA air filter at the below of air diffuser,in this way mimimize the dust falling and the time cost and also reduce the secondary installation environment pollution.


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