SAF Give Spring Festival's Greating- Promise Make Better Air Filtration System

- Feb 27, 2018-

SAF-Xiangnan High Tech Air Purification Equipment Co.,Ltd  pay a spring festival call to all friends and customers. Wishing a happy and successful year in the Chinese new year of Dog.


SAF XiangNan room purifier

As first day start working of luna new year, all staffs and workers we get together. First thing boss do is sent red packet to all! Then every department have a tea party, workshop manager and supervisor attend a tea party, and all office staffs join a tea party... all colleagues chatting together, drinking tea together, also with some snacks to eat! The content we talking about are how and what we did at hometown off time,how feeling about selfs home town, did it have some change, what activities happened to celebrate new year's day, such as dragon dance,lion dance, firework show, Yangko(a popular rural folk dance) ,let us find out whose hometown we are expecting to visit and whose hometown is more harmonious and pleasure. Inevitable foods are a big topic we talkinfg about, preserved smoked meat, dried bean tight rolls, glutinous rice cake...same colleagues bring some local specialties for to taste, certain of them you may never heard and seen before.We are from different part of landscape,have diversity cultures, so that cultural exchange make us delightful.This tea party especially for getting together all staff work in SAF in this new age, to better know each other so that smoothly and favourably carry out every single task we face.

We really appreciate our customers guidance last year, we hope that 2018 finds you happy and successful. This year is year of dogs, dog is our best friend in life, dog very loyalty never wavered to master. We also must to be closer friend to all who need an air filter supplier, we grow up with our customers,produce high and steady air purifier,HVAC system, HEPA filter,FFU and bio safety cabinet,clean room equip...

With firecrackers salvooing the sky means a lucky strike for start business, this is the Chinese way of start a new year, make a noise! love with you all!

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