Anti-smog Artifact! Chinese Civil Used Air Filter Cleaner:

- Jan 09, 2018-

Anti-smog artifact! Chinese civil use air cleaner: 


Air filter"full layer of black!"

"You see,It's color already very black, that means this little gig absorbent ability is good."

Yesterday ,Huan Ni carry out this "air cleaner",it's so simple ---just a small fun/ a filter panal and a cord . She gently untied cord, show us this filter, the surface of filter is realy black.

"This fun cost just 80 RMB equals 14USD" this is a three years of old fan, I almost throw it away!This filter I buy it from Chinese Taobao(like Ebay)80RMB(15USD)also. add with this 1USD cord, totaly cost less than 200RMB about 35USD." Huan Ni said, she learn this "technology" from a environmental community, original it's about DIF air clean method. In the days before the smog coming,this small filter keep working above 24 hours to clean this 500Sqm room.

It's realy working? by this cheapest hand made air cleaner? Huan Ni said , the principle of air clean system is very simple: filtration and absorption. use this fan to leading the air in door flowing through this filter panal , it's so simplified even though but it still allowing the basic rule of filtration equipment.

"Generally I change it every two months, but in this winter it get black more faster than before." a normal air clener need spend thouthans of Yuan almost 180USD, and so complicated a lots of buttons and knobs on the control panal,it's not easy for my old mother she don't know how to use it, show out of errors .But this one is very simple just to stop fan spinning then all done.

The HAPA plate major function is to eliminate PM2.5 particle pollution,this self made clean equipment may don't  have any use for others pollution, I personally thought domestic main pollutants is particle pollution, so for private use I think this kind of air cleaner is very cost efficient. Unfortunately, now time the only available online buy through an environmental group!