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Technical parameters of rooller shutter door Cargo shower or air shower is a purification equipment for clean room, It's a clean device for accessing to clean ares for the staff/cargo, It can effectively quickly remove the dust on the surface of the human body and objects to reduce the amount of dust into the clean room, at the same time To the air chamber function, to prevent the clean air intrusion, to ensure that clean room to achieve the required cleanliness. ​
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Protection PVC roll up door auto air shower cargo shower

Technical parameters of rooller shutter door

1,The working principle of the cargo shower:

The clean air stream filtered by the high efficiency filter is sprayed from the rotatable nozzle from all directions to the person, effectively removing the dust particles efficiently and quickly. After the removal of the dust particles, the dust particles are filtered through the initial and efficient filters and then re-circulated to the wind area. In order to achieve the best effect of blowing, the air shower design of the nozzle outlet wind speed can reach more than 22m / s, blowing the wind speed of the lowest 18m / s, the factory initial air shower time set to 15 seconds. Air shower room provides a modular assembly, according to the actual needs of assembled into a variety of length of the air shower size.

2,Auto air shower Features

1, the use of more suitable for the principle of clean room installation.

2, the system automatically control the operation, two-door electronic interlock, and has a photoelectric sensor, one-way air shower, from the non-clean area into the door after the infrared sensor was blowing shower, blowing after entry lock Can go out from the air shower;

3, the overall production of cold-rolled steel, external surface electrostatic spray treatment

4, doors, floor, nozzles are made of stainless steel, beautiful and generous

5, soft key touch time relay, LED display and set the blowing time, the range of 10-99s adjustable, blowing when the two-door automatic lock;

6, the use of early and efficient two-stage filtration system, a partition high efficiency filter, filtration efficiency: 99.99%, to ensure that the purification level

7, the wind outlet wind speed up to 25m / s or more, blowing the wind on the human body more than 18m / s

8, the use of EVA sealing material, high sealing performance

9, the use of imported electronic components, reliable performance

10, with all stainless steel adjustable angle nozzle, Nantai double volute outside the rotor air volume low noise fan, surface wind speed greater than 25m / s;

11, advanced noise reduction system quiet system.

12, the use of modular design, assembly and transportation is very convenient

3,PVC roll up door air shower photo:

Accept custom size customization

4,The use and advantages of Auto air shower

Mainly used in color printing packaging, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, biological, electronics, wine and other enterprises of the sterile purification workshop FLS series of air shower, cargo shower is widely used in electronic, backlight, communications (communications), laser, precision instruments , Photovoltaic, new materials, semiconductors, fiber optic cable, bio-medicine, food and beverage, cosmetic, animal husbandry and veterinary, biological engineering, universities and various laboratories and other industries and scientific research. Air shower, air shower, air shower, cargo shower is clean room and assembly of clean room supporting equipment, used to blow out into the clean room, the surface attached to the dust, while the role of airlock, to prevent the The purified air enters the clean area. It is an effective equipment for personal, material purification and prevention of outdoor air intrusion into clean areas. It is highly versatile and can be used with all clean rooms and clean rooms.

5,About us

Shenzhen Xiangnan high-tech purification equipment co.LTD was established on April 25,2002. and located in Guangdong ,China . And is one of the earliest professional companies which engaged in air filter ,FFU fan filter unit and any other purification equipment in south China.Up to now we have 15 years experiences in the R&D of purification equipment and had invested more than three million yuan on production equipment, the existing production plant is over 3,000 square meters,annual output will reach 400,000 sets of air filter ,the total output value are up to 8 million USD ,

Currently, our company divided into engineering division and air purification division ,and we have a number of  outstanding professional production and technical personnel of production industry,who is Mainly engaged in central air conditioning project,clean air conditioning engineering ,conserves energy the improvement project , air duct cleaning and other services.Air purification division has advanced domestic non clapboard HEPA filter production equipment and two production line of clapboard HEPA filter . all the filters produced by the company are strictly carried out in accordance with the three standards of GB/T14295,GB/T13554-2008 and GB/T6105-2008, promulgated by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of the People’s Republic of China and the state Administration of standardization of China in November 4,2008.

Our company’s business strategy is: with a reasonable price and high quality products to win customers trust.

Our company’s business philosophy is : integrity, professional, aging and quality . 



Double open air shower

GYM-PY air shower

Roller sjutter door air shower

Technical parametres

External dimension:W*D*H




Working area:  WxDxH(mm)




Nozzle wind speed


Air   change rate(time/h)




Nozzle   number(pcs)




Shower   time(s)

Factory    Setting  10s, 10-99s(adjustable)


Hepa   filter(Efficiency99.99% ) Pre   filter, Washable chemical fiber filters

(5um Efficiency 35%) E

Material   of frame


1.2mm   cold-roll steel sheets, antistatic surface treatment, matte white. (Or all   stainless steel)

Material   of door

Stainless   steel

Door   interlock

Double   door lockes in the shower, Normally double door electronic interlock,

Only   one dor can be opened

Power   supply






Power   dissipation(kw)




Net   weight(KG)




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Air shower size:2000*2000*2180mm Accept custom size customization


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