Installation method and installation specification of HEPA r filter

- Aug 11, 2018-

High efficiency air filter belongs to industrial consumables, In stallation method and installation specification for HEPA filter to HEPA filte to ensure clean effect. It is usually replaced in a period. Most air decontamination areas now have HEPA filtes installed at ceiling air supply outlets, THe installation method and the pre-installation confimation completely determine whether the HEPA air filter has a leak point, while the pre installation confirmation provideseffective objective conditions for more efficient installation. So you must pay attention to the following problems when intalling 

Matters need attention;

The filter can only be replaced after the air supply system is stopped;The gasket between the filte and connecting frame must be tight and free of leakage to ensure the filtering effect.


Installation method of high efficiency air filters:

1, During transport and storage of high efficiency air filters,  should be in accordance with the direction of th factory sign, Handle with care during transportation.

2,Clean the clean room or HVAC system before installing the HEPA filter. Clean air conditionin system internal if there is dust, should be cleaned and wiped agian, to meet the cleaning requirements .

For example, install HEPA filter in technical interlayer or ceiling, The techinal interlayer or the ceiling should also be cleaned throughly. Operate continuously for more than 12 hours clean again.

3. After clan room and air conditioning system meet the cleaning requirements, the air conditioning system must be tested, oprated continuously for more than 12 hours.Install the high efficiency filter immediately after cleaning and wiping the cleanroom.

4.Before the HEPA filter is installed, the package must be disasseble at at the installation site for appearance inspection. The checking content includes filter paper,filter paper sealant and frame free of burrs rust spots(metal frame),with qualification certificate or not, whether the technical performance meet the design requirements.Then carry out leak detection. Install immediately if qualified by inspection, installation should be based on the resistance of each filter, For one-way flow,betteen filters on the same tuyere or air supply surface, The difference between the rated resistace and the average resistance should be less than 5%

5,The frame for installing the high efficiency filter should be flat

The flatness allowable deviation fo the mounting frame of the high efficiency filte is no more than 1mm, and keep the arrows on the outer frame of the filter consistent with the direction of the flow. When it is installed vertically,  filter paper creases should be perpendicular to the ground.

6. HEPA filter the sealing between the frames is generally sealed by gasket, non drying adhesive with negative pressure seal, tank seal(gel sealant)and double ring seal,etc, both packing surface, filter border surface and frame surface and tank must be wiped clean. The thickness of sealing gasket,should not exceed 8mm, the compression rate is 25%~30%. Its connector and material material should conform to design requirements, There should be no leakage at the joins of the frame. When using double ring sealing strip, when using double ring sealing strip, do not plug the holes in the ring cavity when pasting and sealing.Both the double ring seal and the negative pressure seal must keep the negative presure pipline open.

7.Most of the fiters in China are installed by sealing gasket method,because it's sponge rubber sheets are closed, have good air tightness. If necessary, it is best to evenly apply some glue to the sealing strip when connecting the filter to the static pressure box, the force should be uniform around. After 24 hours, the glass glue dries before runing the cleaning system.