Biological Safety Cabinet Medicine Cabinet

Biological Safety Cabinet Medicine Cabinet

Microbiological safety cabinet
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Microbiological  safety cabinet

The biological satety cabinet is an indispensable facility for currency microbiology laboratory,especiallly suitable for partial cleanness where to protect operators and filter microbe and particles.

Generally we use two style safety cabinet on th basis of aie exhaust way:①, 30% air recirculation, 70% air exhaust--- Applicable to clinical lab,microorganism room,test cabinet(control laboratory),positive control room and other low-risk laboratory; ②,100% air exhausted out---Applicable to:Oncology, infectious diseases and other high-risk laboratories.


   Safety Cabinet Advantage

1, Perfect management system certificatin and product quality certification 

The operation and management of prpcucts meet the requirements of ISO13485:2003 medical device quality management system certification, ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification.With CE certification

2, Products can be divided into class II A2 and class II B2, six type in total

3, Intelligent constant wind speed technology

Imported German EBM fan and American degree C wind sensor anr adopted.The control system automatically adjusts output according to the feedback value of wind speed, so that the airflow is always maintained in the set state

4, HEPA filter, leakage rate, slice scanning

5, High efficiency filter side seam zero leakage structure modular design of static box, in the side seam with high efficiency filter, the pollution area is negative pressure relative to the work area or environment, it is avoid the possibility of leakage from side seam

6,LCD disply parameters meantime:

The LCD screen displays the parameters such as the velocity of the falling air, the velocity of the incoming air flow, the temperature of the working area, the runing state and the life of HEPA filter

7,Appointment dis infecton and remore control disinfection

the equipment can be sterilized antomatically according to the appointment, saving athe time of the disinfection step, and control sterilizing remote from outside without changing  the clean clothes

8, Comprehensive alarm and interlock functions:

The position of front window is too high, air wave alarm, non-safety alarm, high efficiency filter using alarm

9, The ultraviolet lamp is interlocked with the front window, the fan is interlocked with the front window, and the shutdown is interlocked with the front window

    Biosafety Cabinet Specification

Electrical Data


Power(AC) ACA single phase 220V/50
Power of Blower1(W) DC 190W,EC170W
Main Filter Typical Efficiency ULPA, U15,99.999@0.3um
Exhaust Filter Typical Effiency HEPA, H14,99.99@0.3um
Downflow velocity(m/s) 0.38
Inflow velocity(m/s) 0.55
Fluorescent Lamp intensity




Net/Gross Weight 335/360(kg)738.5/793.7(Ibs)
Internal Dimensions(W*D*H) 1600*635*620
External Dimensions(W*D*H) 1795*185*1957
Packing Dimensions(W*D*H)
Suppporter 75-90mm adjustable height
Container loads(20'/40'/40'H) 8/16/16

Function Alarm Sound and Flash
Others Certificate EN12469/CE


    Chimical Cabinet Details Show

biosafety hood.jpg

    Biological Cabinet outer show


Bio-safe cabinet panel.jpg


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