HEPA Activated Carbon Filter For Covid-19

High frequency purification, quick haze removal: high quality filter, long-term protection, lasting health.
Application: Mainly use for the filtration of the fine particules, purifier, air-conditioning, Vacuum cleaner.
Different sizes and specifications are available.
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HEPA Activated Carbon Filter for Covid-19

Strong adsorption activated carbon filter: Select high quality activated carbon, good adsorption performance, can remove formaldehyde, TVOC and other volatile organic pollutants with high removal rate.

HEPA Filter Screen: High density HEPA filter screen is a recognized high-efficiency filter material. Initially, HEPA was used for nuclear energy research and protection, and now it is widely used in precision laboratory, pharmaceutical production, atomic research and surgical operation and other places requiring high purity. HEPA filter screen is made of very small organic fibers. It has strong capture ability for particles, small pore size, large adsorption capacity and high purification efficiency. For particles within 2.5 μm, the blocking rate is more than 90%. The removal efficiency of particles larger than 0.3 μm can reach 99.5%. The dust collection effect is remarkable, and the pollution and threat of dust to the lung are greatly reduced.

The Air filters are widely used in household appliances, automobiles, precision instruments, medicine, electronics, food, beverages, cosmetics, biology, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals and other industries.


Size: 365*325*80 mm

Frame: Cardboard with EVA gasket

Front: HEPA Filter 

Material: Mer-14 composite filter paper

HEPA Filter efficiency: >99.5%@0.3um

Back: Activated Carbon Filter

Color: White, Yellow and Black

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