Compact Activated Carbon Filter

Compact Filter Activated Carbon Filter Frame : Plastic Size : 592*592*292*4V ,size can be customized Media : Non-Woven +Activated Carbon Application : For Semiconductor Plant and Electronics Factory Origin : Shenzhen ,China Trademark : SAF Transport Package : Carton box With Plywood Outside
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Compact Activated Carbon Filter

Frame: Plastic

Size: 592*592*292-4V and the size can be customized

Media: Non-Woven + Activated Carbon

Application: For Semiconductor Plant and Electronics Factory

Origin: Shenzhen, China

Trademark: SAF

Transport Package: Carton box With Plywood Outside

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Activated carbon filter is mainly used to remove chemical gas pollutants in the air to meet the needs of microelectronics, nuclear industry, pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental protection, laboratory animals, light industry and other industries.

With the development of industry and the expansion of cities, the concentration of harmful gases in the atmosphere increases; technological progress and life improvement, people's demand for pure air increases. The demand for chemical filters is gradually increasing. The current chemical filters are mostly compact activated carbon filters.

Compact activated carbon filter adopts super-active carbon particles with high adsorption as filter material, with highly developed microporous structure, large adsorption capacity, fast adsorption and desorption speed, and good purification effect. For the removal of odor and higher density gaseous pollutants.

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