Large Size Honeycomb Activated Carbon Air Filter

Molecular filters XN-AB provides filters that can remove molecules, gases and vapours from the air through molecular filtration. Our molecular products are tested according to ISO 10121or ASHRAE 145.2
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Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter HEPA filter H13 H14 for Laboratory and housing 

H13 H14 HEPA Filter with Activated carbon can widely be used in all types of clean rooms 

such as lab testing ,housing, electronic products or biological products that require very strict controlled for air .

honeycomb active carbon.jpgProducts Features:

-Reasonal pore structure

-High adsorption ability

-High dust holding capacity.

granulated carbon.jpg

Granulated carbon materials in the filter can trap and remove odors ,harmful gases and formaldehyde

granulated carbon materials.jpg

High-efficiency honeycomb activated carbon filter plus H13 HEPA air filter

to purify the air pollutant to create fresh air in the environment.



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