Pleat Synthetic Fiber Panel Filters

Application: Filter dust, pre-filter through air filter program Type: synthetic fiber foldaway filter Frame: aluminum, paper or galvanized Media: synthetic fiber Protect mesh: aluminum net or stainless steel net EN779 class:G2, G3,G4,F5 Average arrestance:84%-90%(ASHRAE52.1-1992) EUROVENT4/5 class: EU3,EU4,EU5 DIN53438 Non-flammability Standard: F1 Final resistance: (suggested) 200Pa-250Pa Max. air flow: 125% of the rated air flow Temp. resistance: 100℃ Humidity:100%
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Product Details

The panel filter is well suited to be as the pre-filter for the air-take- in sytstem and exhaust system of the air handling units or general ventilations system or the factories for purification.


Pleated paper panel filter in pleating, Z line;

Stong structure with low pressure;

Easy for installation and disposal;

Temperature resistance up to 80;

Moistrue-resistant up to 100%;

Produced to customer's specification.


Polyester/cotton blend with expanded metal grid, and the flame is waterproof cardboard;



blue coated mesh

white&green cotton

Corrugated aluminium mesh

black &white nilon net

Activated carbon/ACG

High temp glass fiber cotton



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