High Volume HEPA Filters Hospital

High Volume HEPA Filters Hospital

SAF(High Volume)HEPA Filters are designed specifically for critical applications that require high efficiency particulate air filtration. Mini-pleated wet laid miroglass provides the ultimate in dependable filtration. High efficiency V-bank style media packs result in low prepressure drop and energy conservation.
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Including clean room environments, hospital and pharmaceutical facilities, semiconductor and electronics manufactures, medical and laboratories and precise testing facilities, and other critical applications.


SAF can offer the ultralarge size up to 1140x1140x119mm with the large air flow 5000m3/h

The significant media area provides an extrememly low meida velocity assuring a minimum overall efficiency of 99.99% at 0.3 um and Aluminum Alloy with foam endless gaskets on both sides 


High-efficiency  filtration(99.997%)For critical particulate filtration
Filtration Area 68 m²Low pressure drop and energy conservation
Mini-pleated wet laid microglassOptimizes air flow
Aluminum Alloy FrameGreater durability and long service life



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