DESCRIPTION: The XN- INS Diffuser is designed not only for use in critical application(cleanrooms, etc) which require 99.99%or greater efficiency, but is also perfect for quick upgrades in commercial buildings, schools, hospitals and medical facilities.
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High efiiciency particulate control capable of accepting ASHRAE size MiNI pleat and 3.5" HEPA filters. The XN-Instant Clean Air Diffuser is easy to install and allows for quick upgrades and filter chage. Ideal for applications where minimal installation space is available. Light weight and easy to install. Diffusion disc promotes uniform airflow over the entire filter.

Excellent for applications where clean air is a requirement to protect products, people and the environment. Constructed of corrosion-resistant, powder-coated white steel with a duct collar connection which matched to the frame to form a rigid module.

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