Metal Air Filter Washable

Multilayer expansive anodizing aluminum mesh or stainless steel wire mesh cross compressing. make the air through the filters change flow direction multiple times, increase the efficiency of dust catcher,low resistance it's long service life. also washable filter and grease filter. as coase filter of dust filtering of HAVC systems;acid and alkali resistance, high strength,high temperature resistant especially for automotive assembly workshop ventilation system
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Metal filter Is also called, Aluminum mesh filter or stainless steel mesh filter, wire mesh filter,wire mesh panels, wire mesh screen,stainless steel screen...

Coarse&pre air fiter(G1-M6 efficiency):Structure of multi-level crossing of vertical and horizontal corrugated aluminum net or sandwich with stainless steel wire mesh: Because its multi-level structrue,so increase the filter area,and its low resistance,and can be repeated washing,effictively using for very long term.



▶   Engine crankcase—breather elements

▶   Air conditioning systems—to filter compressor oil from air and to remove pollen from intake air 

▶   Restautant range hoods—as grease traps

▶   Heating and ventilating systems—to filter dust

▶   Intake filters—for air compressors

▶   Clean air rooms—as dust traps

▶   Engine air intake filters

▶   Industrial vacuum cleaner filters

▶   Air cleaning and smog suppressant equipment

▶   Washing machines—as lint traps


Corrosion Resistance air filters


High temperature resistance air filter

Washable air filter

Knitted wire mesh



SUS304 316 316L

mesh count per inch

From 100 to 635 mesh
Mesh sizefrom 150 micron to 25micron
wire diameter0.1mm to 0.025mm
techniquewoven wire mesh

materialstainless steel,aluminum 


filter wire mesh,protection emsh fence
featureshigh strength,heavy duty,heat resistant,corrosion resistant
surfacecrimped wire mesh/corrugated


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