G3,G4 Pre Efficiency Air Filter

G3,G4 Pre Efficiency Air Filter

G3,G4 class pre efficiency air filters are very cheap, but they did a good job in purifing the dust air. G3,G4 class pre efficiency air filter has the small resistance and with the large air flow. G3,G4 class pre efficiency air filters often apply to air conditioning system for primary filtration.
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Product Details

G3,G4 pleated panel shape pre-efficiency air filters


These kinds of filter usually be made by non-woven fabric/Active carbon/synthetic fiber and  fiberglass.

The frame of the G3/G4 pre efficiency air filters has usually be Aluminum alloy, Strong card board and some other material as your required.

Below are some standard models we have in stock(Also can be customized)

The feature and application of G3/G4 Grade pre effect air filter

Features :
 Large filter area

 Low initial  resistance
 Large dust holding capacity
 Economical and practical
 Widely used as a PRE filter  to extend the life of higher efficiency filters
 Premium performance  and construction

Applications :
 The  home,conference room,hospitals and other large building ventilation and air  conditioning system or common industrial plant and clean room air distribution  system

product details of the G3/G4 Pre efficiency air filter


The filter media of G3,G4 class pre efficiency air filters usually be nonwove fabric and synthetic fabric.

We have the colors of Green, Blue, White, early cotton effect.

External frame:Strong cardboard frame, aluminum alloy frame and customized.

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