Fiberglass Filter Media Pre-filter

Name:Fiberglass Filter Media Pre-Filter Medium Material:Synthetic Fiber Frame:Aluminum Alloy /Stainless Steel Temperature:170 Degree Efficiency:G4 Airflow:3400 cbm/h Size: 595*595*46mm
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Fiberglass Filter Media Pre-filter


Name: Fiberglass Filter Media Pre-Filter

Medium Material: Synthetic Fiber

Frame: Aluminum Alloy /Stainless Steel

Temperature: 170 Degree

Efficiency: G4

Airflow: 3400 CBM/H

Size: 595*595*46mm


1, composed of high-strength continuous filament glass fibers, the air permeability is large, the resistance is small, the capture rate is high, and 2, the compression performance is good, the filter fiber is green and white, the green surface is the air windward side, the white surface is the air outlet surface, It can achieve moisture resistance of 100% relative humidity, flame resistance, high-temperature resistance of 170 ℃, and flame-retardant compliance with DIN4102F1.


The excessive paint from the paint is collected, the paint stain on the equipment is avoided, the surface of the sprayed paint is prevented from being damaged and the external environment is protected; the dry-coated paint spraying room and the exhaust system of the automobile spray room filter the paint mist.

Fiberglass Filter (2)Fiberglass Filter Fiberglass Filter (3)Fiberglass Filter (5)Fiberglass Filter

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