Home air purifier to reduce PM2.5 to 1 invented by Chinese college students

- Feb 01, 2018-

Ultrasonic Air Purifier Made By The Team Of Shanghai Health Medical College

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The air pump will pump the indoor air into air into the tank, and ultrasonic oscillators will vibrate and send out the clean air...

On december 26,the team of Shanghai health medical college won the first prize of "First Shanghai University Student Creator Competition" by this "Ultrasonic room air cleaner".The competition was organized by Shanghai Municipal Commission Of Education,with the theme of "creating a new life",with participants from various universities in Shanghai.

On December 24 and 25,18 finalists were selected from the school together to Design And Creative Academy Of Tongji University to create and turn their ideas into products, On the 26th day of road show, on-site review.

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"Smart fridge","smart smoking ashtray","garbage lady"...On the road show of the 26th, "Pengpai 

news"recorded that these college students created a lot of "smart hard ware" that had a bright future, Most of these products are based on real demand, combined with hard ware and software design.

The Shanhai health medical school team,which won the first prize, told the paper that the biggest innovation in their work was the the use of unltrasound for air purification.According to them, the current air purifiers in the market are basically fan and air filter mode, and the replacement cost of the filters is higher.

"Our initial idea was simply to design an innovative product to solve the smog problem."As a team leader,Shen Jiayi, a sophomore, majoring in biomedical engineer at Shanghai health medical college, said that some features of ultrasound, such as cavitation, can be found in the product.

Team introduce their design ideas like this:"you can imagine there are alot of bubbles in the air, parceled pollutants can't completely clean, we want to use ultrasound to break the bubbles,will improve indoor air quality thoroughly.

The experiment proved the idea after constant debugging of ultrasonic frequencies,"indoor air PM2.5 about 60,70, clean with water,PM2.5 can be reduced to less than 20,and afer ultrasonic, the minimum can be reduced to 1"Said Shen.

Although the expriments verify the feasibility of idears, works and the cost is not high,butthe team is also acknowledged that for the efficiency of this method to purify the air, but the problem such as noise, still need to further study.

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In this competition, the makers team of Shanghai academy of visual arts also paid attention to the theme of haze.The teem made a decotative light through the progaramming link air test tesults and the LED light color, the light white represents quality is normal,yellow is worse,red is the serious pollutin."

The team introduces to the reporter, they mainly comes from professional brand management, in such aspects as Structure Engineering, Interaction Design doesn't know much,therefore specially invited other professional students as"foreign aid",togeter to finish the air filter work.

On-site judges, Tongji univesity school of "Fablab O"director Ding Junfeng tells a reporter, this contest, college students show the creative capacity and the degree of accomplishment was surprising, but overall there is also operational ability  insufficient,thought is not open enough!

"Some students not know it untill come here there are so many digital manufacturing facilities available,"Ding Junfeng said,many students still often limited to their professional thinking,knowledge structure,"more like thinking from the sociallevel, but the individuality hobby is not open much."

In the end, in addition to the first prize of the ultrasonic air evolution, AD love cognition training gloves project won the second prize, the emotional drawing board, the intelligent fun  refrigerator and the garbage lady won the third prize.