Laboratory Clean Bench Laboratory Fume Hood Development Show Time

- Mar 29, 2018-

From March 28 to 30 the China lab exhibition hold at Guangzhou the central city of Guangdong province. Could observe laboratory funitures manufacturing technique big change has happend in last ten year.From learn others standards to created by self brains!


In exhibition next-generation equipment: Air shower for laboratories,laboratory clean bench,ISO terminal HEPA box for lab,lab hood, laboratory fume hood,lab vent hood,pass box,biosafety cabinet,laminar flow hood,negative pressure weighing room...

Today's laboratory equipment in laboratory furniture focus on four aspects:

1 point,Laboratory set up service process is the core: Designers must understand the requirements of instruments and electricity in each space,and knowing the disign principles associated with how each space run efficiently. 

Laboratory furnitures has two basic modles: First of all, we should design the research space that researchers feel comfortable and efficient. Best spaces in operating, designing many types of glass to provide the expanse view and sufficient natural light, plus the HVAC system, can satisfy both the experimenter and the scientific needs. The second is the storage system of lab, the materials,samples,and reagent storage space are planned.                                                                                  

2 point,Highly valued labaratory safety design.There are four basic objectives:(Ⅰ)planing out public areas where accessible to anyone;(Ⅱ)The space and room in which the researchers work should be controlled by the access control system; (Ⅳ)The security of intellectual property rights;(Ⅴ)Safe storage of hazardous materials.

3 point,Focus on the design of laboratory sustainable development.(Ⅰ)Through the design of intelligent system,the efficiency of electricity and water can be improved to meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protectionl.(Ⅱ)The modular design of multi-function suspension,factory production, convenient site installation, can be adjusted and upgraded according to the experiemntal practice in the future.

4 point,Improve the openness and comfort of the laboratory.


What do you think the lab will look like in the future? The laboratory is upgrading from functional requirements to intelligent requirements,and the laboratory design and construction will consider more people's safety protection and the comfort of working environment. the future lab will design the BIM system at the beginning of the design.First, the digital simulation is buit on the computer,and all the requirements are integrated into the design diagram,and can feel the effect of the laboratory very directly.Then, according to the plan of simulation construction to build.Functions through the internet technology in the mobile terminal or PC for remote control, avoid risk through automatic alarm,At the same time, it is convenient for the maintenance.