Printing and packaging industry clean and cleanliness characteristics

- Sep 03, 2018-

With the development of the society, printing industy packaging industry products also improved, large printing equipment entered the purification workshoop, this can greatly improve the quality of printed products, the qualified rate of products has also increased significantly, it is also the best combination of the cleaniong industry and the printing industry. 

The printing room environment temperature and humidity, the number of dust particles air playing a directly and crucial role in product quality and qualification rate. The packaging room's temperature and humidity, number of dust particles and the water quality, the procuction staff standardized operation procedures are also important.

Clean spraying workshop is a independent closed composed of steel sandwich plate, can effectively filter dusty air pollution to products, reduce dust and defect rate in spay quality. The application of dust-free technology further improveds the product appearance quality , such as TV / computer phone case, DVD/VCD game player, VCD, PDA, camera shell, audio blower, MD dresser, toy, etc,. 

Technological process: Materials→ manual cleaning→ electrostatic cleaning → manual/automatic spraying→drying area →UV curing area→cooling zone→screen printing area→product inspection area→receipt area.

To prove that the food packaging dustless workshop meet the requirements, it must be shown  that it meets the requirements of the following criteria:

  1.  Food packaging dust- free workshop air supply sufficient, enough to dilute or eliminate indoor pollution;

  2. Dust-free food packaging air flows from a clean area, the flow of contaminated air is minimal, the flow of air in doorways and interior buidings is correct;

  3. Dust-free food packaging workshop air supply will not significantly increase indoor pollution;

  4. Food packaging dustless workshop no high concentration area in the chamber.

If the cleanroom meets these criteria requirement, its particle concentration or microbial concentration can be measured(if necessary), to detemine if it reached the national standatd of clean room.

Testing of food packaging clean room:

  • 1, Air supply and air exhaust: If it's a turbulent clean room, the it is necessary to measure its supply and exhaut air volume, if it is a one-way flow clean room, then it is necessary to measure its  air velocity;

  • 2, Air flow control between the each area: In order to prove that the flow direction between the regions is correct, that means air flow from clean areas to areas with poor cleanliness must be detected:

1> the pressure difference of each interval is correct

2 >an opening at a door or wall or floor where the air flow is moving in the right direction,(Flow from a clean crea to an area of poor clealiness)

  • 3, Filter leak detection, chech the high efficiency filter and out frame, to ensure that the pollutant will not pass through 

(1) Damaged filter

(2) The gap between the filter and its outer frame

(3) Other parts of the filter or filter accessory air leak

  • 4, Leak detection: The test to prove that the pollutant does not penetrate the building material into the clean room;

  • 5. Indoor air flow control:  According it's turbulent flow or one-way flow, if the clean room air flow is turbulent, it is necessary to verify that there is no insufficient air flow in the room, If the clean room air flow is one way, the wind speed and wind direction of the whole interior must be verified to meet the design requirements;

  • 6. Suspended particle concentration and microbial concentration,  to verify that it rach the technical requirement of clean room;

  • 7.Test the temperature: relative humidity, indoor heating and cooling capacity, the noise value, bright ness, vibration value.