Medical Facilities And Hospitals air cleaning

- Apr 16, 2018-

Improve air quality in the medical and hospital environment.

The use of high-efficiency particulate air-filter to protect hospital workers and improving the air quality in the medical environment is very important for the health.and it's more cost-effective because it's a reventive measure of infection control.


Different department have different requirements for air filtration
The requiremnets for air quality in a medical environment vary from room to room,office to office.Some regions require high efficient filtration of microorganisms in the air to protect patients,staffs and fimilies member,For example Operating room, intensive care unit(ICU),tuverculosis(TB),isolation room.Some regions require filtration of gaseous pollutants, chemicals and odors to provide a safer and more comfortable working environment.For example, in the laboratory, antopsy room, dental surgery and phamacy.
Controlling the microbes in the air,such as bacteria,viruses,and fungal spores, is crucial to the medical environment, as many diseases and infections are transmitted through the pathogens in the air.


Infection is a big concern.

More worrying is the infection from hospitals. They can have serous consequences, shch as increased patient mortality,morbidity,prolonge3d hospitalization, and increased treatment costs.Patients with compromised immune systems.(such as organs and bone marrow transplant recipients,tumor and blood disease patients face a higher stakes!


Air filter technic used in hospitals.

For every $1 a hospital spends on air filters it spends $6 in elecrricity to push dirty air through those fukters.Is this delivering value? Not to mention the risk taken when the air filters don't deliver clean air and aren't operating within compliance guidelines.

Low-cost filters can quickly lose their particle efficiency which menas they operate most of their lifetime outside of  compliance guidelines.With high quality air filter you get guaranteed benefits not aviailable from any other supplier;

Nebative pressure rooms 

Droplet nuclei transfer

For clean room of 10 thousands and 100 thousands level , better adopt Sub high efficiency air filter

Most cases in hospital mainly purificate microorganisms,such as bacteria, viruses,they cannot exist along must be attached to the suspended particles, forming a living biological particles, it's diameter >1umm. so use sub efficiency HEPA filter(H10-H12), which can noe only guarantee the sterilization of clean air supply, but also the cost and operationg expenses can be greatly reduced.

For the air conditioning system in hospital, higher air filtration requirements should also be demonded. Hospital air conditioning should be at least two stages of filtration and the efficiency of the second level filter must be above medium efficiency(H5-H9). In addition, reinforce the the fresh air filtration is an effective means to reduce the pollution of air conditoning system and improve indoor air quality. The fresh air filter should be filtered at least through medium or high efficiency air filters.

All the diffuser used should not be wooden in case of germ. in order to maintain the purification capacity of the air supply,they don't  become to sources of the pollotion.

The sterilization requirements of ward are high, and these sanitizer drags have a strong corrosiveness to metal and rubler. These factoer should be taken into account in selecting the return air inlet, filter and damping layer.