High Temperature Air Filter Why Cost More How To Choose

- Apr 22, 2018-

Several factors that affect the price of high temperature HEPA filter.

High temperature compressed air filter are widely used,such as pharmaceutical, spraying workshop, tunel oven, high temperature resistance clean pipe,etc. In those industries have to use high temperature HEPA filters, High temperature HEPA filters are generally divided into 250 degrees high temperature filter and 400 degree high temperature filters. Therefore, user must understood their real needs when choosing. If you only need 250 degrees to with stand high temperatures, but you purchased 400 degrees,the cost is much higher, not economical and practical at all. There are main reasons for the price of high temperature filter for your reference:
1, The function of high temperature and high efficiency filter is mainly used to captuer the particle dust of 0.3um and various suspended objects.
2, Place of use: High temperature sterilization and production of purification equipment, clean equipment last sttep high temperature air supply, high temperature clean oven cleaning equipment.
3, Filter material: Ultra- fine glass fiber paper is used as the filter material, and the air filter must checked and leak tested each by each! Which has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency, low resistance and large amout of dust.
4, High temperature and high efficiency filters can certainly be used in high -temperature situations. However, the degree of temperature resistance are different, which directly affects degrees, instantaneous maximun temperature can reach 300 degreees. and in choose different products depending on the productin environment.

5, High temperture HEPA air filter frame includes aluminum alloy frame, stainless steel 304 frame or galvanized frame, one of the factor that directly leads to the price of high efficiency filters is the outer frame material. Galvanized steel frame can't resist condensate water that producing in heat and cold exchange and will long term soak the filter.

6, High temperature HEPA filte uses high-temperature special sealing gasket, which is significantly higher cost than that of ordinary high efficiency filters.

And in particular, If the user in the chemical industry is choosing high temperature air filters,It's important to know whether the equipment has special requirements for silicon. Generally 250 degree HEPA filte glue is containing silicon.Silicon is dfivided into organic silicon and synthetic siliconm, Organic sillicon have chemical reactions in the sspecial industries. The use of organic silicon generally produces a pungent odour. The cheap filters is useallly using organic silicon, And the regular manufacture will adopt the standard synthetic silicon to ensure that customer use is efficcient and safe. And the 400degree high temperatuer air filte using ceramic glue made with powder and qqueous solution.Recommend using the American Eunice brand of ceramic glue,Environmental protection,no pungent odor. Different cost use different materials. It's recommended that users choose their products according to the physical truth!