FFU Installation instructions page 6 (Top Access Motor/Blower Assembly)

- Nov 23, 2018-

STEP1: Gain access to the top of the unit by removing adjacent ceiling, or access panel.

STEP2: Remove filter by pushing filter to one side and sliding it out from under the brackets(non-ducted), or remove the duct collar/pre filter housing and pre-filter(if applicable) via screws(ducted)to expose motor assembly. Reference the below figures for further detail.


STEP3: Make note of all wire locations for re-installation later. It is recommended to take apicture of all applicable wires.

STEP4: Open control box and disconnect wires at the terminal block, referencing applicable wiring diagram.

STEP5: Remove the 6 bolts to free the motor/ blower assembly, using a 7/16" socket wrench(0r equivalent).


STEP6: Remove motor/Blower assembly.

STEP7: inspect and/ or replace parts.

STEP8: Replace with the new motor/Blo  wer assembly and reassemble by reversing the above steps.

STEP9: Double check airflow to ensure that set point has not changed.

Room Side Accessible Motor/ Blower Assembly

STEP1: Remove diffuser perforated face by turning quarter turn fasteners holding face in place.


NOTE: Safety cables will be attached to the diffuser face, but care should be taken to ensure that diffuser face does not swing and injure anyone

STEP 2: Remove filter by loosening cam latch bolts(filter retainer clips) by turning counter clockwise using your hands, or hex key as required to fully tighten latches.


STEP 3: Turn all cam latch filter retainers to the open position.

STEP 4: Remove filter by handling frame: do not touch filter media

STEP 5: Remove the nuts securing the blower housing using a 7/16" socket wrench (or equivalent)

-ffu-installation-manual-31NOTE: A7/16" ratchet with extension is recommended for ease of access for unfastening.

STEP 6: Remove the housing exposing the motor/ blower assembly.


STEP 7: Remove7/16" nut holding motor/ blower assembly in place.


STEP 8: Drop motor/ blower assembly out of unit. Be careful as wire connection are still in place. 

STEP 9: Disconnect plug and play connection connecting wires from motor to contgrol box.


STEP 10: Remove motor/ blower assembly

STEP 11: Inspect and/or replace parts.

STEP 12: Replace with the new motor/ blower assembly and reassemble by reversing the above steps.

STEP 13: Double chek airflow to ensure that set point has not changed. Applicable speed controller.