Small Size H13 H14 U15 HEPA Air Filter Mini-pleat ULPA Filter For Home

Mini-Pleat ULPA Air Filter
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Product Details

This ULPA Air filter is espcially designed for home and housing and having high efficiency with strong plastic construction frame 

black plastic frame.jpg


High efficiency 99.995-99.9995%

Light weight and easy to install, large holding capacity

Plastic frame, air inlet and outlet with powder-coated metal protection grills

Special seamless sealing technology, good elasticity, no deformation, no shedding, will not escape when installation

protection grill net.jpg


Anti aging technoloby of gasket, large flow capacity, firm structure, simple installation, great appearance

Ultra-fine fiberglass.

Hot-melt glue separator 

Maximum 80°C 

strong plastic.jpg


Suitable for Home use ,Micro electronic, Operating room, Phamaceutical, Food, Fiber Optic Equipment etc high requirement for cleanliness


We can customize hepa filters according to your  requirementd