Box Type High Efficiency Filter Industrial HEPA Air Filter

Box-type HEPA air filter with special design
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Product Details


1.Box-type plastic frame

2.Mini-pleat design, glass fiber filter paper

3.High dust loading capacity, long service life

4.Firm structure, good performance under turbulent air flow 

5.Efficiency  99.95%@MPPS(H13)  99.995%@MPPS(H14)

box-type filter.jpg

Protective metal nets 



Popular size:592x592x 292mm or can be customized sizes as required.


Designed with box-type which makes it low resistance

Aluminum separator designed to make it high efficiency.

High air flow rates, low cost and double sides with protective metal nets 

High dust holding capacity,  easy installation, long life

Strong frame to make it stable operating  under turbulence condition 

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