HVAC High Temperature Filters

High-temp filter is used to filter particles under 0.5um.
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HVAC High Temperature Filters

I. HVAC High-temperature and high-efficiency filter efficiency problem The practical filtering efficiency of high-temperature high-temperature high-efficiency filter at 250℃ is between H12 and H13 due to the influence of the physical property of the glue (poor fluidity) of the 250℃ red high-temperature silica gel and the black high-temperature inorganic glue with the temperature of 350-400 DEG C. The actual filtration efficiency of H13 high-temperature high-efficiency filter at 350-400℃ is between H11-H12. II. Matters needing attention before use of high-temperature and high-efficiency filter the organic silica gel and the inorganic glue used by the high-temperature-resistant high-efficiency filter are both solidified from the surface, the thickness of the glue injection is thicker, the more difficult to cure, and the curing time of the glue is 3-7 days under normal conditions, if the un-cured high-temperature high-efficiency filter is directly loaded onto a high-temperature device for normal use, It is bound to cause high-temperature glue cracking, expansion and glue to break out of the outer frame. 

For the above problems, the following two schemes are used for processing: 

1. The high-temperature high-efficiency filter needs to be normally used after 7 days;

2. If the customer needs to install immediately, it is recommended that the customer should follow the following method before using our high-temperature-resistant high-efficiency filter: the high-temperature resistant and high-efficiency filter with the temperature of 250℃ is slowly heated to 100 in the high-temperature equipment, and then the cooling is stopped after a constant temperature of 2 hours; The cooling is stopped after the temperature is adjusted to 150℃ for 1 hour. The cooling is stopped after the temperature is adjusted to 200℃ for 1 hour. The cooling is stopped after the temperature is adjusted to 250℃ for 1 hour. And finally, the product can be normally used after being cooled slowly.

ModelDimension(mm)Air flow(m3/h)Resistance PaEff(≤0.5um)Dust hold(g)



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2. Eco term: EXW Pricing

3. Lead time: Within 10-20 days after receive the payment

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Frame:Stainless steel frame Sealant:Red glue 250 ℃ chemical resistant Separator:Aluminum foil Seal strip:Special high temperature resistant seal strip Filter material:High temperature resistant fiberglass filter paper Temperature ang humidity:250℃,80% Size:1200*1000*150mmSize can be customerized。


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