Food And Beverage High Temperature Filters

XN-High temperature filter are specially designed to protect processes at high temperatures. They meet the strictest requirements and maintain their integrity and tated performance values under extreme temperatures. They are tested according to either EN779 and ISO 16890 or EN 1822:2009 and ISO 29463.
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Food And Beverage High Temperature Filters

These filters are typically used in automotive, food and beverage or the phamaceuticla industries. Depyrogenation tunels and ovens incorporate them to obtain obsolutely sterile vials for filling medical products.

Our HEPA filter range protects everything from normal process to ultra-clean processes oprating at high temperatures. Our ASHRAE/ISO16890 grade high temperature filters are mainly used in paint spraying booths in the automotive industry. Modern milk dryers typically require both, high ftemperatuer pre filters and HEPA filters to produce clean milk powder and infant formula. The entire range is diveded into the categories for up to 120, 250 and 350degrees.


The box type high-temperature filter  complies with the most stringent FDA GMP requirements, and fits in stallations with oparating temperatures up to 250℃(482℉)


High efficiency

Silicon free construction

Compact design

Temperature tesistant up to 250℃

Constant efficiency

High mechanical strength

High air flow

Ergonmic handle

High Temperature 

Low Pressure Drop


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