Softwall Modular Cleanroom Or Clean Booth

Softwall Modular Cleanroom Or Clean Booth

Production description Clean room is a special designed room to exclude the particles in the air, bacteria and other harmful air pollutants, and the indoor temperature, cleanliness, interior pressure, air velocity and air distribution, noise, vibration, and lighting, static control within the scope of a certain demand. That is no matter how the outside air conditions change, its indoor all can maintain the original set requirements of cleanliness, temperature and humidity and pressure performance characteristic.
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1. Easy and quick to install;
2. Excellent load and span capabilities;
3. Significant savings in site installation costs;
4. Panel comes in a range of aesthetically pleasuring colors;
5. Energy saving thermal insulation;
6. Superior air tightness for controlled environments;
7. Good reactions to fire properties;
8. Durable, long lasting, stood the test of time in the extremes of harsh climate.

Softwall/Hardwall Modular Cleanroom or Clean BoothSoftwall/Hardwall Modular Cleanroom or Clean Booth


The structure parts

1. Panel style:

Metal-face polyurethane core board,

Metal-face rockwool core board (widely used),

Metal-face polystyrene core board (without fire proof),

Metal-Face Honeycomb Core Board,

Metal-Face Plastered Core Board (widely used for ceiling),

Metal-face glass-magnesium core board.


Panel thickness: 50mm 75mm 100mm


Panel Height: according to customer request


2. Door shape and window shape and quantities

3. Ornament material: circle 50 degree, 75 degree, alloy aluminum, silver color or painted color.


4. Layout drawings

5. The house structure: steel structure or ferroconcrete


Air conditioner and air fan parts

1. The technical height(the height between ceiling to girder lower point)

2. Air feeding duct and air sucking duct direction and arrangement

3. The clean grade request, temperature and humidity request, pressure balance request, wind speed request.

4. Air exhaust request and air exhaust quantity request

5. Workers quantity and equipments heat generating amount

6. Air conditioner or air fan brand and style request:

Water cooling or fan cooling?


Equipment parts

1.The air shower room specification and material request.

2.The pass box specification and material, technical request.

3.Laminar flow specification and request

4.Weight room specification and request

5. FFU specification and request



Finished clean room show

Softwall/Hardwall Modular Cleanroom or Clean Booth

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