PM 2.5 Air Purifier HEPA Filter

PM 2.5 Air Purifier HEPA Filter Frame : Cardboard Media : PP/PET/Glassfiber Application : Air Purificaction System Trademark : SAF Size : Standard Size or Customized Origin : Shenzhen,China HS Code : 8421399090
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PM 2.5 Air Purifier HEPA Filter

Frame: Cardboard

Media: PP/PET/Glassfiber

Application: Air Purificaction System

Trademark: SAF

Size: Standard Size or Customized

Origin: Shenzhen,China

HS Code: 8421399090

When purchase pm 2.5 air purifier HEPA Filter, we should pay attention to the following problems:

1. PM 2.5 air purifier HEPA Filter efficiency (HEPA filter level).

To effectively filter air in the PM2.5, fresh air system manufacturers usually use H11、H12 or H13 level filters. Class H11 filters filter 95% of the most penetrating particles(0.1-0.3 microns), while other particles have a filtration efficiency of nearly 100%. H12 the filter blocks more than 99% of the most penetrating particles, its resistance is also higher. While H13 filters can filter 99.97% PM2.5, they can increase the wind resistance of the entire system a lot, so it is redundant to use this filter in household fresh air systems and air purifiers.

2. Wind resistance of the HEPA filter

The higher the filter level of the filter screen, the greater the resistance. As a result, in the household fresh air system does not need to use more than H13 level of filters: such filter wind resistance is too large, and the filter effect is redundant for ordinary families. The use of this filter is limited to the operation room, electronic original parts manufacturing dustless workshop and so on.

3. Dust volume of the HEPA filter

Air outlet PM2.5 values tested for the first time are the most surface data. What many users will not notice is the size of the filter screen. Large, thick filters generally open a large area, so the amount of dust will be larger, longer service life, do not need to be replaced frequently.

4. Replacement costs of HEPA filters

Some fresh air system manufacturers will deliberately increase the price of consumables, equipment prices lower, hoping to sell equipment after the continuous profit filter money. However, the average manufacturer will tell the user the frequency and price of each filter, so that the user can judge the replacement cost of one year. If the device has a clean primary filter, the cost of replacing the filter is lower.

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