Fan Powered HEPA Filter Diffuser

fan powered HEPA filter diffuser 1. introduction of HEPA filter diffuser Fan filter units are a kind of modular end air supply device with power and filtration efficiency .and adopts imported anti-static MULTI wing type fan-type fan, Efficiency: 99.99% @0.3um Air flow: 0.2-0.5m/s Certification:...
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Fan  Powered HEPA filter diffuser

1. Introduction of HEPA filter diffuser
Fan filter units are a kind of modular  end air supply device with power and filtration efficiency .and adopts imported  anti-static MULTI wing type fan-type fan,Suitable for use in clean room of class1 to class 1000.Using  the fan filter units can make simple clean bench, clean booth, clean pass box  and clean your wardrobe.

2.Regular size and  parameter of HEPA filter diffuser 





     Module size(W x L x Hmm)




            Air flow 




      Average velocity(m/s)
















           Noise dB




HEPA Filter






  99.99% @0.3μm

  99.99% @0.3μm

 99.99% @0.3μm


High-quality aluminum

High-quality aluminum

High-quality aluminum


  180pa 0.45m/s

 180pa 0.45m/s

 180pa 0.45m/s

304 Stainless Steel 

FFU 340Stainless steel.jpg

3.features and application HEPA filter diffuser

 ● Low operating cost, convenient use
 ● Special air passage design,unique low vibration,  low noise,Light weight, easy to install
 ● High energy saving ability, with adjustable air  speed,
 ● Fan box and filter fission, easy replacement

 Used in high cleanliness  requirement locations such as hospital, electronics factory, semiconductor ,manufacturing  plants, atomic energy research center,
 clean rooms, laminar  flow equipment, cleaning working booth, etc..


4.details of the HEPA filter diffuser


Efficiency: 99.99% @0.3um
 Air flow: 0.2-0.5m/s
 Certification: ISO9001:2008
 Media: Fiberglass paper or HV paper
 Revolving speed: 1100r/min
 Power supply: 220v 50/60Hz 110w
 Frame material :ALZINC frame , stainless steel(SUS304) frame , cold plate spraying frame

5.Why choose us

1.Our rich OEM  experience offering goods to big company like SAMSUNG can guarantee steady  delivery date and competitive price.
 2.We are manufacturer and exporter for various air filter from PRE  filter to ULPA filter, commercial to resident home filters.
 3.Professional service  can help you to purchase the right  products.


Q:Are you really manufacturer or trading company?
A:We are indeed filter manufacturer over 15 years experiences and have worked  with many countries for business ,such as Australia.America, India and etc.

Q:what’s your main products? 

A:We are in the line of producing filter products and  have our own factory.  Specialized in the design, R&D and sale various  of air filters. Such as PRE filter, medium - effect air filter, high  efficiency air filter, high temperature or high humidity high efficiency air filter, antibacterial and non - barrier effective air filter, powder recovery  filter, air shower, transfer chamber, FFU air filter unit, clean  bench, Efficient air supply outlet.

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