Fast Shutter Door With PVC Roll Up For Clean Area

Flexible quick PVC roll up door is a new high-speed cut off the function of the new fast door, the overall frame is made from large laser cutting machine, beautiful and generous. The control system uses the asynchronous motor and the frequency conversion device, the limit system uses the multi-turn absolute value encoder actual full amount absolute value limit technology, at the same time use the bright blue screen LED display as the man-machine dialogue window, the standard use, the easy operation Low cost and other characteristics of the cost to ensure that perennial trouble-free operation of more than 150,000 times, an average of 500 times in a day, as shown on the right.
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Product Details

Fast shutter door with Protection PVC Roll Up for clean area

1,Description of products

Flexible quick PVC roll up door, refers to the door running at more than 0.6 meters per second, is a fast-moving barrier-free isolation door, the main role is to quickly isolate, so as to ensure the workshop air quality dust-free grade. It is widely used in many places such as food, chemical, textile, electronics, supermarket, freezing, logistics, warehousing and other places with functions of heat preservation, cold preservation, pest control, Highly meet the high-performance logistics and clean places, and save energy, high-speed automatic shut down, improve work efficiency, create a better working environment and so on.


1), power failure manpower opening device;

2), infrared security protection system;

3), the operation button box;

4), Germany Grand Motor (BKJ) and Germany Grande control system;

5), the use of manufacturers standard packaging

3,Control System (Germany Grande)

1), LED man-machine dialogue interface: to achieve a complete, systematic dialogue to maximize the effectiveness of post-acceptance and post-warranty maintenance of human costs and efficiency.

2), the absolute value of the whole limit technology: multi-turn absolute encoder is the full amount of limit technology to support the main hardware, it is the traditional incremental encoder (using pulse count analog stop position) and single lap absolute encoder (Using the program to remember the number of cycles) of the upgraded version.

3), fast door power failure memory function: when the power outage can be free to manually operate the fast door switch position, power does not need to adjust the limit directly after work;

4),turn to set and identify the function: the power into the line phase sequence or control box to the motor phase sequence error, the system directly error, effectively avoid the late maintenance or transfer due to negligence led to a major security incidents;

5), effective operation position setting and recognition function; when the fast threshold set, the control system can intelligently identify whether the door movement in the illegal range, once the system will be prompted after the "limit exception" and shutdown requirements After maintenance to continue to work, the function is mainly for the late brake system failure;

6),permanent no cumulative error: the encoder accumulates the current most common fault gate problems, and the full range of absolute limit technology is completely avoided this point.

7),the location of closed-loop FM technology: mainly refers to the random change the speed of the fast door, and no need to re-adjust the adjustment after the limit.

8). professional drive circuit board hardware: the traditional use of the market General PLC and inverter and incremental encoder with the control system in the fast door technology has many congenital shortcomings, can not be perfect: such as a variety of security Switch response time, cumulative error of the incremental encoder, multi-turn absolute encoder and PLC link problems and non-professional staff can not be repaired and so on.

4,Technical Specification

Motor Yunfeng high-speed door motor with German high-frequency high-frequency start and stop motor, high efficiency, strong braking force, so long life.
Unbonded Buffer Technology Based on the German Grande industrial door drive system frequency conversion technology, so that the door is very smooth operation, and solve the door in the operation of the dry tone problem, while the end of the buffer technology to more effectively protect the reducer and brake pads, especially on The protection of the deceleration mechanism is most prominent.
Running speed Door maximum operating speed 0.4 to 0.8M / s (adjustable)
Curtain material Use high-strength molding of the folder within the high-strength fiber-based PVC coated cloth, thickness 0.8mm, high wear resistance.
sealing property Track with PVC base of the double-row brush seal structure, more effective pest control dust.
Bottom with gas seal structure
Wind resistance The maximum 6 wind, to strengthen the level of wind may be 8, but to make an appointment with the sales staff.
Transparent window Only available for optional channels. Can also be made all parts of the soft curtain, but need to advance and sales staff booking.
Safety performance 1, infrared security protection: the door frame on both sides of the radio eyes, fast door below the object, so that the door remains open; when the door down when there are objects below, the door will open to the most open position, to be below the barrier And then delay the decline. (Standard configuration)
2, the bottom of the security edge: When the door in the fall, because the object is in the infrared safety protection of the blind area, the door pressure in the lower obstacles, the door speed rebound in the most open, effective households below the object or Pedestrians avoid accidents. (Optional)
Manual function Power failure or failure of the emergency measures, with ordinary wrench can open the door.
Power requirements 220V / 13A / single phase / 50HZ / 60HZ, IP54 control box, in line with national electrical safety standards.
Insulation protection Ip54 can be waterproof and dustproof even when used in harsh environments.
Switch mode Standard push button button box with emergency stop switch, and optional: radar sensor / magnetic ring sensor / rope switch / remote control open and so on.
Reserved port Electronic control system reserved: infrared security switch, geomagnetic sensor switch, radar sensor switch, rope switch, remote control switch, two-door interlock, compatibility and strong.

5,Produce photo