HEPA Filter For Beauty Care

Pre-filter:365*175*5mm Medium-filter:365*175*55mm HEPA Filter:385*195*250mm Model NO:SAF Key Words:Beauty Salon Dust Collector Orig:Shenzhen,China
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HEPA Filter For Beauty Care


There are 3 layers fot this product.

Frist layer Pre-filter: Effective filtering of larger particulate matter such as hair.

Second layer Medium filter: Ultrafine glass filter material, effective filter smoke, dust,0.3um above particulate matter.

Third layer HEPA filter: The filtration rate was 99.99% for particulate matter above 0.3um.HEPA Filter for beauty care clear fumes and odors.

Basic info

Pre-filter: 365*175*5mm

Medium-filter: 365*175*55mm

HEPA Filter: 385*195*250mm

Model NO: SAF

Key Words: Beauty Salon Dust Collector

Orig: Shenzhen, China

hepa filter (3)

hepa filter (5)


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