High Temperature Resistance Hepa Filter For Pharmaceutics

High Temperature Resistance Hepa Filter For Pharmaceutics

50℉(398℃) high temperature filter- the high temperature air filter without silicon is made of special moisture-proof ultra-fine glass fiber paper and special aluminum foil partition board, which is assembled with aluminum alloy frame. Each is strictly tested. The high temperature resistance filter of 400 degree is a series of high quality and high efficiency air filter. Our company adopts advanced manufacturing technology.after years of research and development, It is special designed for the environment with high temperature resistance of over 400 degrees and free of silicon, so it is also called high temperatuer filter without silicon
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The 400℃ temperature filter can meet the strict requirements of special industrues and is applicable to all kinds of clean room, clean tables, phamaceutical factories, biological factories, food processing.

The terminal of air conditioning and ventilation system is the terminal filter and hot air type high temperature oven


High temperature absolute for Class 100 oven validation to 750℉(398℃) Available in efficiencies of 95% or 99.97 at 0.3u


High temperature HEPA grade filter with corrugated aluminum separators,

Ceramic sealant, 

stainless steel enclosing frame 

Foil-wrapped fiberglass and /or ceramic gasket. 

Typical applications: HIgh temperature ovens in pharmaceuticals and clean process manufacturing. Efficiency: 95% or 99.97% at 0.3 u. 

Media: Microfine glass formed into pleats separated by corrugated aluminum sepatators with hemmed edges. 

Recommended final pressure drop is 2.0 w.g., or consult factory.

Temperature: Maximm continous operating temperature of 750. 

Ratings: Tested in accordance with IEST Recommended Practice for Testing HEPA Filter.UL 900.