Class 100 Laminar Flow Hood

Certification:ISO9001 Noise:64db Application:Industrial Filter Grade:100 Class Air Direction:Top or Side、 Transport Package:Box with plywood outside Power:220V,50HZ
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Class 100 Laminar Flow Hood


1. Class 100 laminar flow hood is a kind of air purification unit which can provide local high clean environment. Class 100 laminar flow hood cover can be flexibly installed above the process point where high cleanliness is needed. Class 100 laminar flow hood can be used individually or can be combined into a banded clean area.

2. Class 100 laminar flow hood forms a homogeneous layer after passing through the high efficiency filter with a certain wind speed, so that the clean air flow shows vertical one-way flow, thus ensuring the cleanliness of the working area to meet the technological requirements and send it into the working area.

3.There are two kinds of Class 100 laminar flow hood cover: fan internal installation and fan external connection, and there are two kinds of installation methods: hanging type and landing bracket type.


Certification: ISO9001

Cleanliness: ≤3.5 particle/L of ≥0.5um diameter dust particles within work zone( FS209E Class 100)

Material: SUS304

Average Flow: 0.25-0.45m/s

Power: 220V,50HZ

Filter Grade: 100 Class

Noise: 64db

Air Direction: Top or Side

Application: Industrial

Transport Package: Box with plywood outside

Compared with clean room, Class 100 laminar flow hood is widely used in precision machinery, electronics, pharmacy, food, fine chemical industry and so on.



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