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Air Filter Outer Details Condition : New Efficiency : 99.99% Construction : Cartridge Filter Brand Name : SAF Weight : 1KG Filter type : Air filter cartridge Application : Vacuum Pump There are two kinds of filter media for air filter outer : synthetic fiber/paper filter material
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Air Filter Outer Details

There are two kinds of filter media for air filter outer : one is synthetic fiber filter material, the other is paper filter material. 

Synthetic fiber nonwoven filter material. According to the processing technology can be divided into continuous fiber spinning adhesive polyester hot pressing and short fiber spinning adhesive polyester hot pressing two types. During the waterproof treatment of the surface of the filter material, the infiltration angle of the filter material after the waterproof treatment should be more than 90°, and the grade of dip water should not be lower than grade iv. When the filter material is oil-proof, the filter material is oil-proof. polyester nonwoven filter material can withstand working temperature not less than 120℃. For other special conditions such as high temperature and high humidity, the selection of filter tube material structure should meet the application requirements.

The paper filter material can be divided into two categories: low permeability and high permeability.

There are also synthetic fiber nonwoven polytetrafluoroethylene coated filter media and paper polytetrafluoroethylene coated filter media.


Field refractory processing dust removal, steelmaking electric furnace flue gas dust removal, abrasive processing workshop dust removal, calcium carbide furnace production dust removal, blast furnace gas purification, pulverized coal preparation dust removal, asphalt concrete production dust removal, carbon black production dust removal, building materials processing dust removal, chemical industry dust removal, rubber production industry dust removal, workshop dust removal, pharmaceutical workshop dust removal, woodworking furniture workshop dust removal, electrolytic aluminum processing dust removal, aluminum zinc smelting process dust removal, can use pulse filter dust collector.

Condition: New

Efficiency: 99.99%

Construction: Cartridge Filter

Brand Name: SAF

Weight: 1KG

Filter type: Air filter cartridge

Application: Vacuum Pump

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